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99 Rupee Store




Stylus Pen Black

This is a perfect stylus pen which has a dual feature. It can be used as a stylus on one end with any smartphone or tablet and at the other end it has a pen which can be used for writing.


  • Omnidirectional tip for accurate on-screen interaction
  • Reduces on-screen fingerprints
  • Works with all capacitive screens
  • High quality ballpoint pen at the other end



Touch-C Unique One-Touch Stand and Credit Card Holder for Any Smartphones (Purple Touch-c)

This is a one-touch stand and credit card holder which can be used with any mobile phone or tablet. Simply attach it to the back of your mobile device and you immediately have a easy-to-use stand for your gadget. There is a pocket to store your credit card as well. The product is made of durable silicone and can be removed dismounted easily.


 This is a easy-to-use one-touch stand for ANY mobile devices

Simply attach it to the back of your mobile phone or tablet, and you instantly have a stand

There is a pocket to hold your credit card as well

It can be easily attached and dismounted

There are four colors to choose from.

     Good quality and brand new.

     Perfect for using in your device to accommodate at a fantastic viewing angle.

     Good quality material gives you a smooth touching feeling.

     It also works as a card holder if the surface of the phone back is plat not curved.

     Easy to install and release.

     No retail package

99.00 299.00

Set of 2 Universal Flexible Mobile Stand for Desks Touch U Mobile Stand Holder

A perfect flexible mobile stand. This unique product sticks at the back of your phone and with a touch of your finger it turns into a mobile stand. When you do not want to use it it flexes back. It is perfect for your office desk or a table. You can say goodbye to those bulky case stands


  • Cute slim design fits almost all mobiles
  • Made of high quality material, durable 3-layer construction, silicone-steel-silione
  • With double-side adhesive tape, easy & safe to attach on your phone back
  • After you stick it on your device, touch it and it will turn into a U shaped stand which also works as a finger ring
  • Holds your mobile phone steadily for hands-free viewing and reading, Widely compatible with most mobile phones, tablets, PCs, GPS, etc.
99.00 110.00

Portable Flexible Energy-saving USB LED Lamp 5V 1.2W for Computer/PC Notebook Laptop Tablet Desktop Lamp for Power Bank High illuminance


It is a Small and easy to portable ultra bright Mini LED light. compact and light weigh.can be use on both desk and bedside table, or to go out. feeling so convenient. its soft shade, avoid the direct LED light shine, more effective protection of eyesight. its flexible body Suitable for all occasions, Compatible with  power, Can be connected to the PC USB port.


  1. Lambency Lamp Shade Protect eyesight
  2. Arbitrary bending Fit a variety of usage scenarios
  3. Computer USB interface is easy to use
  4. Portable USB LED light
  5. Can be use on any where,powered by any devices with USB port
  6. Unique bendable design,also has light weight
  7. Ultra bright with low power consumption
  8. Rated voltage: 5V
  9. Rated power: 1.2W
  10. Size: 170 x 18.5 x 9mm
  11. Color:White


Package Contents: 1 x LED Light
99.00 149.00

Iphone 6 / Iphone 6 plus Lens protector

Brand New and High quality

Mini Metal Lens Protector Ring, make your phone more attractive.

You may have noticed that the rear camera lens of the iPhone 6 protrudes slightly outwards. When placed on a surface, you risk scratching the lens. The lens protector ring reduces that risk greatly by raising the iPhone 6 slightly off the surface and providing some distance between the lens and the surface.

Easy to apply. Simply stick the ring around the lens of the iPhone 6.

Metal finishing is aesthetically pleasing and does not ruin the look and design of the phone.

Material: Metal

Color: Gold

Suitable for iPhone 6 5.5" Plus

Package Included:
1x Metal Lens camera Protector Ring
99.00 199.00

Samsung Protector Galaxy S7262 Screen Guard

Samsung Protector Galaxy S7262 Screen Guard 

Screen protector for Samsung Galaxy S7262 provides a sturdy protection for the screen of your Samsung smartphone. This screen guard has been crafted to prevent the scratches your phone is prone to during daily use. The Samsung Galaxy S7262 anti glare screen protector has the additional feature of reducing the amount of glare on your phone screen. This makes it easier for you to view your phone screen with improved clarity. The screen is ultra thin, clear and transparent, so it is unnoticeable on your screen and does not hamper the display or usability.

Specifications of Screen Guard for Samsung Galaxy S7262

Designed For

Samsung Galaxy S7262


Screen Guard

Model ID



Scratch Resistant, Anti Glare, Anti Fingerprint, Air-bubble Proof


99.00 149.00

Mini Usb 2.0 Card Reader Driver/Usb Micro Card Reader/Usb Flash Drive Blue


This device is good to make mobile phone memory card as USB flash drive and very easy and helpful to copy the data from mobile to computer or computer to mobile. This kind of memory card is suitable for digital camera, mobile phone, MP3 and so on. It can be used to save the personal data, such as digital photograph, songs, and games or others. And this TF Memory Card comes with different capacities, choose it according to need. Then come to gain the TF Memory Card.


1.TF card reader MicroSD /TF Card Reader/writer.

2.100% Brand New and high quality.

3.Read / Write to your T-Flash/TF/Micro SD/MicroSD card (no adapter).

4.Plug and play hot swapping, easy to install and use.

5.High Speed USB2.0 Compatible With USB1.1.

6.Backward compatible to the existing MicroSD cards.

7.Power supply by USB port directly.

8.Single card reader, No USB wire required, Supper slim pocket size, easy for carry.

9.Rope hole for hang.

10.Supports Windows XP, 2000, 98, and Mac OS 9.2 and higher, No driver required.



  1. Support usb 2.0.
  2. Powered by usb connection cable.
  3. No external power required,LED light.
  4. Fully plug & play.
  5. High speed data transfer.
  6. Support : win 98/me/2000/xp/mac os.
  7. Convinient for carrying.
  8. High temprature resistance.


99.00 299.00

10Pcs Lot Wholesale Lovely Colourful Fish Bone Shaping Bobbin Winder Cable Bobbin Winder Earphone Cable Tidy

Be designed to rest comfortably inside and stay inside a variety of ear types. Perfect for keeping your earphone wires neat, tidy and tangle-free with this fishbone style cable winder. Suitable for MP3, MP4, Mouse, Earphone , Headphone, and so on. Easily Solves the winding trouble from your headphone cable.


Product Features

  • Made of soft, dust-repelling silicone

  • Fit for iPad, Apple iPhone 3Gs, 4G, iPod Touch and most of the Nokia, HTC,LG, SonyEricsson, Samsung models headphones

  • Keep your cables tangle-free and just the right length

  • Compact and lightweight

  • Flexible and washable if need 

  • Adjust the cable length as you want 

  • Unique cable winder for organizing your earphone cord 

  • Compatible with earphones for MP3, MP4, CD, DVD, Phone, et

  • Color: Black, White, Pink, Blue, Purple, Yellow, Green, Red, Dark Pink


Sale Package: 10 Fish Wrap Cable

89.00 199.00

Earphone Headphone Cable Clip 10Pcs Lot Wholesale Plastic Headphone Earphone Headset Mount For MP3 / MP4 All Smartphones

Clips are compatible with most earphones, earbuds, canalphones, iems, headphones and hands-free headsets for cell phones, tablets, iPads, iPhones, ets.



  • Clip For Headphone Earphone Cable.
  • Essencial accessory for you iPod, iPhone or other mp3, mp4 player.
  • Attach your earphone cable on it and clip the loose cable on your collar, Keeps headset stabalized and comfortably in place
  • Each set includes one white and one black shirt clip.
  • Each shirt clip has a convenient swiveling wire catch.
  • Can be safely attached to shirts, t-shirts and jackets
  • High Quality Clip For Headphone Earphone Cable
  • Suitable with cell phone headphone, earphone, MP3, ipod, Apple headphone
  • Lightweight and small design
  • With printing as show on the photo
  • Clip For Headphone Earphone Cable
  • Material: Hard Plastic
  • Available color: White


Sale Package:  10 x Earphone Headphone Cable Clip

99.00 199.00

3.5mm Jack Stereo flat type Male to Male Plug Car Aux Audio AV Cable Extended Audio Auxiliary Cord for All Smartphones Mp3 Players

Connect your phone with 3.5mm input jack to any 3.5mm stereo and output your favorite music Buy the extension cable if you need a male to male 3.5mm connection for audio output Listen to music on any stereo that features a 3.5mm aux input port Can connect any digital devices with 3.5mm interface.


  • Car stereo system with AUX-Input jack.
  • Length: 100cm
  • Designed for using with CD players, stereos, speakers, headphones, PC / TV tuners, iPods and other audio devices with 3.5MM plug.
  • Connectors: 3.5mm Stereo Male to 3.5mm Stereo Male
  • Connect your portable MP3 players with this 3.5mm to 3.5mm Auxiliary Cable to any of your HiFi audio.
  • Perfect for playing your personal mp3 musicon a stereo or in the car.
  • Use with portable iPhone/iPod, CD players,MP3 players, CD sound cards, etc.
  • You can use the cable connect your iphone ipod HTC and so on mobile phone to your speaker, car, headset to listen music
  • With AUX-Input jack, expand the way you hook up and listen to your music
  • Suitable for general audio applications


Sale Package: 1 x 3.5mm AUX Cable
99.00 149.00

SET OF 5 Portable Plastic Foldable Credit Card Mobile Cell Phone Tablet Stand Holder for iPhone Samsung Galaxy S3 S4 S5 Note 2 3 iPad HTC Sony etc

The stand conveniently folds up and snaps shut when not in use, Portable, lightweight, folding mini stand. Good for watching Music Videos or Movies


This is a Credit Card Mobile stand and credit card holder which can be used with any mobile phone or tablet. Simply fit to your mobile device and you immediately have a easy-to-use stand for your gadget. There is a pocket to store your credit card as well. The product can be removed dismounted easily.


Product Features:


Brand New

Material: hard plastic.

Color: Blue, Black, Purple, Yellow, White, Pink, Green, Orange

Dimensions: 87 mm x 54mm. Credit card size.

Can be conveniently used to position cell phones.

Prop smart phone up for comfortable viewing.

Ultra small, lightweight, and portable.

You can put it in you pocket or handbag, Wallet and take it anywhere.

With this mini holder, you can position your smart phone on desktop at a comfortable angle for movies.

A perfect partner for travel.

Please note: phone stand only, phones are not included.

Fashion and Lovely design.

Loved by many neat people, a good decoration to your mobile life.


Package Included: 1 * Stand Holder
99.00 149.00

Enter Usb 4 Port Hub

  • USB 2.0 HUB
  • 480 Mbps

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