3D Glasses Virtual Reality VR Box For Videos Movie Game Glasses for iPhone Samsung Android 4-6" Mobile Smartphone Head Mount with Headband

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This 3D smartphone glasses works with Android and IOS cell phones that screen between 4-6 inches. Wear on this unique 3D glasses to make you being an exclusive 3D theater. 


Adjustable pupil distance and sight distance, satisfying different groups of people.

Head mount to put around your head and enjoy a visual feast comfortably, allowing you staying in bed or sofa as you like. 

Make yourself being an exclusive 3D theater and protect your privacy with this unique smartphone glasses.

Use ABS and spherical resin lens material without stimulation plastic sheet, environmental.

Suitable for Android and IOS smartphones that screen between 4-6 inches.


  1. Open the four boards slowly according to the size of your cell phone.
  2. Open 3D movie or games you want to watch or play in your cell phone.
  3. Put your phone onto the slot, then close the boards, make sure your phone is clamp firmly.
  4. Adjust the two lens to fit your eyes at a best effect for viewing.
  5. Wear the head band around your head and start to immersed yourself in the 3D movie or exciting games.


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1 * 3D Virtual Reality Smartphone Glasses

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