Diwali Gifts For Children

Diwali Gifts For Children

USB Roll-Up Drum Kit, Portable USB Powered, Portable Roll-up USB Drum, 8 Special Drum Pad Effects, Create your own sets, Easy to use

This USB roll-up drum kit can be place on any flat surface, play the drums with the included drum sticks or simply use your hands and practice the bongos, either way, this USB drum kit will provide endless joy for people of all ages. This digital drum kit is perfect for beginners who are interested in learning how to play the drums, the included software application supports WAV format audio files that can be played along with, as well as record your own drums beats and share with friends and family via e-mail.





  • USB Roll-Up Drum Kit MD1001 is a special Portable MIDI Drum that is suitable for amusement, learning, practice, performance, and music edit. And with the additional features of portable, easy operation, low cost, etc, it is the best choice for drummer! It has 6 pads and 2 drumsticks are included.
  • Beginners can learn how to play with a 3-level learning feature. Use the play along option or drum to your own beat. Record and share with friends and family via e-mail. It's so light weight and portable you can bring it everywhere!
  • Portable, light
  • No need to install, no need to adjust
  • Up to 6 Pads, including Bass Drum, Tom, Snare, Hi-Hat and Crash Cymbal
  • High quality material with good handle
  • Professional and standard MIDI input device that be similar to MIDI Keyboard One USB port, power supplied with USB
  • USB class compliant for Win XP/Vista, without additional driver, supporting hot plug
  • Compatible with Cakewalk, Sonar, Cubase, Nuendo and any other major sequencer software
  • USB Roll - Up Drum Kit - Cool Gadget
  • Color: White, Black
  • Material: Hard Moulded ABS, Rubber
  • Drum Pads: 6 playing pads
  • Recording Format: WAV
  • Audio Supported Format: WAV Drum
  • Software: - Record / Payback - Panel Function - Play/Stop/Record/Program//Open/Save.
  • Tempo 40 - 208 beats 8 Special Drum Pad Effects Record Playback and programming Drum Sample (sets) 8 Bass Loops Learning feature
  • USB Cable Length: 130 CM (1.3 meters)
  • Power Source: USB


Package Includes:


USB Roll-Up Drum kit x 1

Drum sticks x 2

Software CD x 1

User guide x 1
2,999.00 3,999.00

GPS Tracker For Kids Safety Smart Watch With GPS Children Safe Security SOS Surveillance Anti-lost for Children



This Kids GPS Watch is an all in one safety device for children


It has got a built in gps system so that you can track your child’s location from anywhere using your mobile app


It has two way calling facility so you can speak to your child at anytime


The watch also has location history and hence you know where you child has been throughout the day


You can also send instant voice messages so that your child can listen to your voice


A built in sos button if pressed by the child a call is automatically made to the parent or guardian



* Name of Item: GPS Tracker Watch 

* Support: for  All Android Phones.

* GPS type: GPS tracker

* Band name: Q60
* Screen size: 1"
* Screen material:LED display
* Frequency:GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz
* GSM/GPS:MTK6261 UBX7020
* GPRS:Class 12 TCP IPbuild in GSm MODULE
* GPS Senstivity: -159 dbm
* GPS Positioning Accuracy:10m (2D RM)|
* Gsm Positioning Accuracy: 50-200mm
* Speed Accuracy: 0.1m/s
* Maximum Altitude: 18000m
* Battery Capacitry: 3.7V 320mA
*Size(watch case): 45.0 (L)*32.0 (w)*13.0 (H) mm *  Weight: 35.1g
* Working temperature: -20~70
* Humidity: 20%~80%RH
* Merry: Internal: 32M
* Interface: USB 3.0
*Color: blue
Ten main functions:
1, a key to SOS distress: in an emergency, press the SOS button, namely to guardian sent a distress message.
2, double positioning: GPS satellites and dual monitoring base station positioning all real-time positioning tracking.
3, smart power-saving: GPS closed mode.
4, remote monitoring, high sensitivity of the microphone, the users in emergency, the voice of the real-time monitoring equipment around.
5, two-way conversations: users can call each other, can set up three affection real-time call number.
6, electronic fence: equipment centered on the map drawn an area, the area of APP and short message alarm immediately.
7, historical trajectory: path query three months anytime and anywhere.
8, GSM four frequency system: 850/900/1800/1900 MHZ.
9, time show that GPS precise GPS clock, don\'t need to manually adjust the time.
10, pedometer: steps to measure the user\'s walking.
*Multifunction lets kids  safer: Position Anti-dropped ,GSM History route ,Screebl  pro, Electronic fence ,Pedometer, Communication,Remote  monitor,SOS button for helping

GPS+ Base station  Dual models positioning
Mobile client and Computer GPRS service platform, Dual Control mode
GPRS Real-time positioning, tracking, monitoring
Health pedometer
Watch time Alarm
Security Zone
SOS emergency alarm
Low battery alarm
Remote Shutdown
1 School Time: four time range just for Mon to Friday,  in the time range, GPS turn on, other time GPS turn off
2 Weekend Time: two time range just for Sat and Sunday,  in the time range, GPS turn on, other time GPS turn off
3 During the period of don't disturb:Three time range,in the time range, all calls in will been cancel.
4 Text message alarm setting: low power,SOS, Take off the watch, 3 kind alarm text message on/off.
5 Baby Contact person: you can setting 10 phone number, these phone number can call baby’s watch phone.
6 Recover to Default work model: Default work model: every day 24 hours turn on GPS, Each 10 minutes upload information one time.
7 Setting SOS Number: You can set 3 phone numbers, watch press SOS Key 3 seconds, Circle to call these 3 numbers.  If no answer, after 2 circle calls, it will finish calling.

2,790.00 4,999.00

Toy car for Kids Wall Climber Car fast Remote Control RC Car for Kids Children's toys

Move over the mortals!!! Here it is, the REMOTE CONTROL WALL CLIMBER CAR. The ultimate fantasy of a child [and even grown ups] --- the latest technologically superior toy. You have had run of the mill remote control cars crawling on the floor -------- but didn't you dream of riding the walls & the ceilings. So, give wings to your imagination --- and have this ultimate Remote Control Wall Climber Car. This car rides the walls and ceilings effortlessly and totally under your control with the remote control. Not only does this REMOTE CONTROL WALL CLIMBER CAR scale the walls & ceilings but it also gives you enjoyment by taxiing on the floor as well. A technologically superior product which uses technology for enjoyment and also gives the child a brief introduction to vacuum technology.


  • Move over the mortals!!! Here it is, the REMOTE CONTROL WALL CLIMBER CAR. The ultimate fantasy of a child [and even grown ups] --- the latest technologically superior toy. You have had run of the mill remote control cars crawling on the floor -------- but didn't you dream of riding the walls & the ceilings.
  • TECHNOLOGY The Remote Control Wall Climber Car uses the Vacuum technology. Upon activating the switch you can place the car on any vertical inclination or upside down [ceiling] surface, the activated vacuum allows the car to cortify the base and you can control the car on wall & ceilings. You can also taxi the car on the floors without the vacuum switch
  • FANTASY This is the ultimate fantasy toy of children and even grown ups. This is never heard never seen toy which every child will love and with that you can also educate the child in brief about the vacuum technology. So buy one now or gift one now!





1 x Wall Climber
999.00 1,999.00

Magic Encyclopedia For Kids Animal Educational Game Early Learning Kit Flash Cards Game Set with Animated Images & Audio FREE 3D CARD BOARD

Magic Encyclopedia is a technology system that teaches the facts about land and sea animals, birds, insects and dinosaurs; all this by audio visualization.  A Game Designed to Helping Children Learn Through an Innovative and Interactive Method of Teaching! It can be a great skill builder and provides a easy and fun way to learn Chinese. With the camera to capture the animal cognitive pattern on the cards, various animals will appear from the cards. Not only can we interact with the animals, but also we can take pictures with the animal and share the pictures with our friends. PLEASE allow the software to use the camera and photo album. Magic Encyclopedia is an interactive toy. Suggest parents join in playing with your kids. COME TO ENJOY IT.




  • Magic Encyclopedia is one set of preschool educational cards which put 3D virtual objects into a real scene showing a live image via a tablet , mobile phone or ipad, so as to achieve direct interaction between users and the environment.

  • Easy to use: download the free APP, scan the cards, the animals then are able to talk, jump, walk, swim, fly, etc. Taking picture with the favorite animal and share with your friends.

  • 96 cards with vibrant image to stimulate visual learning, 5 main subjects: animals, insect, traffic, nature, landscape etc.

  • The APP is available on APP Store OR you can download it from scanning the QR code on the back of the box. It support 5 devices (cell phone or ipad or tablet etc.) at the same time for interaction. iOS5.0 and Android 4.0 above.

  • The second version(totally English version) is coming soon and AR Game cards will be available soon, so please stay tuned.


How does it work?


- Scan the QR code on the back of the box to download the Magic Encyclopedia App. Or search " Magic Encyclopedia " on Apple Store or Google Play Store.(iOS 5.0 higher or Android 4.0 higher)

- Unlock the App : scanning the QR code located inside the box to activate the app.

- Aim at one of the flashcards, the animal will come to life immediately! (If you scan the surface of the box, you will get surprise.)


 Operating System Required:


- Android 4.0 or higher version

- iOS 5.0 or higher


More Fun Play:


Dragging the animal on the screen using just one finger, the animal can rotate from a horizontal direction to a desired angle.

Dragging the animal on the screen using two fingers, the animal can be moved and placed on any location on the screen.

Moving fingers outward and inward the animal will enlarge or shrink, until the desired position and size are obtained for a good picture!


Sale Package: 1 x Magic 3d cards

1,970.00 2,499.00

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