Power Banks

Power Banks


Pocket able: Can be easily carried in the pocket.
Applications: Charges Phones, Tablets, Cameras and other 5 V devices.
Design: Elegant design with black rubber finish.
Sustenance: Sustains charge for more than 1 year; if not used.
Capacity : 5200 mAh battery capacity.
Certifications: ROHS, CE, FCC.
1,355.00 1,999.00

Portable Power Bank Mini 2600 mah

Product Description


The Charge Mini has a capacity of 2600 mAh and runs on a rechargeable original Grade-A lithium-ion battery which is safe and durable. The Charge Mini comes with an intelligent 6 circuit protection to protect your device from damage. It has over-current protection, over-charge protection, over-voltage protection, under-current protection, under-voltage protection and short circuit protection.


Convenient size

Can be easily carried in the pocket.(80*34*22 mm)


BattLi-ion battery, Scratch Proof material


2600 mAh, Input: DC 5.0V – 1amp, Output: DC 5.0V – 1amp


Elegant design 


2600 mAh battery Capacity 

Product Weight

68 gm

800.00 1,299.00

Portronics Charge X 5600 POR 303 Charger

Charge X Mobile Power Bank (5600mAh)

Now you don’t need to get frustrated when your cell phone get discharged in middle of an important conversation as a new emergency battery pack has been introduced to address such emergency issues. Charge X is the innovative emergency battery pack that comes with 5600 mAh which will surely change your way of living with your Smartphone. With this device you can enjoy more than 24 additional hours of calling, 30 more hours of WI-FI, additional120 hours of music and video and much more. Isn’t it amazing! It is like a boon for Mobile/Smartphone users.

Charge X is about 4 times the size of your Smartphone battery and can deliver your additional hours of calling, music, Wi-Fi and video conferencing. The device comprises 2 USB ports through which any type of Smartphone can be connected to get it charged. With this innovative emergency battery pack you can charge any mobile phones, Smartphone, Gaming consoles, Tablets, Bluetooth Dongles, Portable Speakers and much more.
1,799.00 2,199.00

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