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Cardboard Virtual Reality and 3D Google Cardboard Virtual Reality 3D Glasses With NFC Headband for Composite Headset For Your Smartphone

3D is a wearable headset that allows you to experience virtual reality, 3D games and 3D movies in your smart phone anywhere, anytime. Just snap the phone into the headset, and dive into virtual reality anytime, anywhere. 3D will change the definitions of your smart phone. You have got everything you need, smart phones and media, all you need is 3D headset. 3D delivers a high-end virtual reality experience at an affordable price. It is also designed to be as lightweight as possible and comfortable. Durability, compatibility, affordability, reusability and ease of use are all that are provided with the ergonomic design of 3D. 3D is an improved version of Google Cardboard based headsets, with bigger and better lens which allows a distortion free and almost 100% view of mobiles screen sizes from 3.5 inches to 5.8 inches. 3D provides an approximately 100° field of view, stretching the virtual world beyond your peripheral vision. The combination of the wide field of view with head-tracking and stereoscopic 3D creates an immersive virtual reality experience. 3D headset looks decent and fashionable in esthetic view. It has an appealing design that opens door to a futuristic world of mobile. To bring 3D to you is not about quantity or quality! We are striving to make sure that the 3D products are at its utmost best, just as we envisioned it with our carefully planned prototype. Most importantly, we are currently working with one of the best optics company in the industry for manufacturing the lens.




·         Wearable head mount with adjustable straps that allow you to use it hands free.

·         Bigger lens and size of device makes it compatible with Smart phones with bigger screen size (3.5" to 5.8" screen size).

·         High quality resin lenses give clear view without distortion.

  • Virtual reality and 3D Cardboard Composite Headset for your Smartphone- Unofficial Improved and modified Google Cardboard

  • Wearable head mount with adjustable straps that allow you to use it hands free.

  • High quality resin lenses give clear view without distortion

  • Best suited for personal use as well as for gifting purposes.


Product Dimensions 16 x 13.4 x 9 cm


Sale Package: 1 x 3C CARD BOARD

99.00 599.00

3D Glasses Virtual Reality VR Box For Videos Movie Game Glasses for iPhone Samsung Android 4-6" Mobile Smartphone Head Mount with Headband

This 3D smartphone glasses works with Android and IOS cell phones that screen between 4-6 inches. Wear on this unique 3D glasses to make you being an exclusive 3D theater. 


Adjustable pupil distance and sight distance, satisfying different groups of people.

Head mount to put around your head and enjoy a visual feast comfortably, allowing you staying in bed or sofa as you like. 

Make yourself being an exclusive 3D theater and protect your privacy with this unique smartphone glasses.

Use ABS and spherical resin lens material without stimulation plastic sheet, environmental.

Suitable for Android and IOS smartphones that screen between 4-6 inches.


  1. Open the four boards slowly according to the size of your cell phone.
  2. Open 3D movie or games you want to watch or play in your cell phone.
  3. Put your phone onto the slot, then close the boards, make sure your phone is clamp firmly.
  4. Adjust the two lens to fit your eyes at a best effect for viewing.
  5. Wear the head band around your head and start to immersed yourself in the 3D movie or exciting games.


Package List:

1 * 3D Virtual Reality Smartphone Glasses

399.00 1,590.00

Bluetooth Virtual Mini Laser Keyboard With Power Bank for Android IOS Laptop WITH FREE NOOSY NANO SIM ADAPTER



Pocket sized design concept enables this unique gadget to be a solution for a portable keyboard that doesn’t take up much space. This Laser Projection Bluetooth Keyboard will project a full sized keyboard on any flat surface and using laser tracking technology to follow the location of the operator.


  • This product is a laser Bluetooth keyboard, which connects to PC via Bluetooth or USB Port
  • USB connection supports plug and play, so it is not necessary to reply on any sole driver
  • Compatible with Bluetooth device, it supports iOS 4 or above, Android 4.0 or above , Mac OS X, Windows XP.
  • The connection between Bluetooth keyboard and other devices are one-to-one connection
  • This keyboard is equipped with mini bluetooth speaker. It supports voice broadcasting. It can be used as an external bluetooth speaker


  • Model: Virtual Laser Keyboard Power Bank L2 Keyboard 
  • light source:Red laser diode Keyboard layout:Approx.19mm incline, full-sized QWERTY layout 
  • Projection size :240mm(W)*100mm(H) 
  • Projected Keyboard location: Approx. 100mm from keyboard device 
  • Required projection surface: Non-reflective, opaque flat surface Detection rate: Over 350 characters per minute 
  • Operation Surface: Anyopaque flat surface 
  • Working Temperature: Approx. -10~40°C/90%RH 
  • Storage Temperature: Approx. -20~40°C°C/~90%RH 
  • Physical Dimension: 84mm*22.5mm*58mm 
  • Weight: 180g 
  • Input DC Charging Power: Above2A @5V-5.4V 
  • External Power source: USB port, UP TO 2.1A @5V 
  • Battery capacity: Polymer rechargeable battery, 5200mAH(Max)@3.7V 
  • Battery working time: 30 hours 
  • Battery charging time: 3 hours 
  • USB interface: USB 1.1 and 2.0. USB HID Ver. 1.0 
  • Bluetooth: V3.0(class 2), HID Profile Ver. 1.0 
  • Frequency Range: 2402-2480MHz 
  • Channel: 79 
  • Modulation: GFSK 
  • Specification: - Keyboard: full sized QWERTY layout 
  • Projection distance: approx. 100mm from your device 
  • Dimensions: 84mm x 22.5 mm x 58mm

Package Includes: 1* 4 in1 Virtual Bluetooth Laser Keyboard & Mouse / Power Bank/ Speaker 1*USB cable 1*User Manual









































































2,990.00 3,499.00

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