Copy of USB Sync Data Charging Charger Cable for Smartphones With Micro USB Ports

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Flat Wired USB Charger LED lighting flat micro USB data cable is an accessory with which you can charge your phone through the micro USB interface via your PC or laptop's USB port. The wire joining the two USB ends measures 1m, which gives you the freedom to move your phone a good distance away from the charging source. The flat design of the wire makes for easy maintenance and prevents ugly tangling while using it. This flat micro USB data cable can also be used to sync and exchange data between your phone and laptop. This USB cord works well as a data cable It works on Blink technology which makes the USB emit an LED light signal when it is connected to a PC. USB terminal of this charger makes it all the more lively and attractive. The entire cable can be easily wrapped and stored without it occupying much space. Micro USB data and charging cable offers ample functional convenience and also lends a cheerful look to your work area with its vibrant colour, lively design and easy usability.



  • Provides a stylish way to charge and sync with your Apple iPhone 5 5g
  • Charge and sync your Apple mobile devices with the USB LED cable
  • Easily charge or sync your Apple mobile device via any USB port
  • Compatible with Apple iPhone 6 6 Plus 5 5g Specifications Cable length
  • Data transmission and charging dual-use
  • USB A connector on one end, Lightning connector on the other
  • Innovative flat design,no entangled knot,convenient to carry and use
  • Standard 8 pin to USB interface
  • Transfer music and data files to and from your device at high-speed transfer rate
  • With high quality LED Flashing Lights light up throughout the entire cable as it charges, decoration your home, car or office.


Dimensions: 20 x 5 x 5 cm Cable Length: 1m LED light indicator

17 x 8.1 x 2 cm


Package included:


1 x Visible LED Light Charger Cable

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