Lazy Mobile Bed Stand Holder For Your Bed Desk Table Multipurpose Mobile Desk Stand WITH FREE Plastic Mobile Stand

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Mobile Bed Stand

On of the best inventions, the mobile bed stand holder is a multipurpose mobile accessory that enables you to watch movies, browse the internet in bed. It can also attach itself to other surfaces like your table, office desk. It can also be used in the kitchen where you can attach the device and view cooking videos while you are cooking.


  • Watch Movies, Browse Internet without using your hands in bed

  • Multi function Clip, allows you to use the clip as a Desktop Phone/Tablet Stand

  • Flexible arm for different angle and distance, made of high quality aluminum-magnesium alloy material

  • Cell phone can be rotated 360 degree.

Mobile/Tablet Stand

Smart design for holding your tablet PC and Smartphone fixed for a better view Not only dock your table in both portrait and landscape modes, but also in multiple adjustable angles up to 150 degrees -Foldable and portable, easy to carry in bags Suitable for most of the tablet and Smartphone.


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1 X Mobile Bed Stand 1 x Mobile Stand

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