LED Lamp Rechargeable Retro USB Classic Blow LED Blow Oil Lamp Vintage Night Light Blowing Control Candle Lamp

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Innovative product Flameless Retro LED Lamp. Arabian nights meet modern innovation. Beautiful looking retro lamp with a rechargeable battery and extremely light weight material makes this a must have ambient, mood, emergency or night light. You can control the intensity through the knob, much like old fashioned lamps and you can switch them off or on by just blowing into the lampshade  Blowing Control- A gentle blow into the lampshade can turn on/off the lamp. (Please switch it ON initially.) Adjustable brightness- You can use the Dimmer Control Knob to adjust the brightness, just like the traditional Kerosene lamps Rechargeable built-in battery charge through USB cable. Connect it with DC 5V USB port, such as computer, power bank or USB adapter. Retro Design with modern long lasting, light weight material. LED light, energy saving, durable and environmental friendly. High quality resin body base and top transparent acrylic shade. 3 LED light for more brightness. LED light has a life of 6000 Hours.


Product Features


  • Fashion indoor / outdoor LED light lamp, retro kerosene design
  • Blow control, when you blow to lamp-chimney, LED light will be on. When you blow to lamp-chimney again, LED light will be off
  • Strong / dim light adjusting function, flashing when dim light
  • Super-bright LED light, enery-saving, environmental and durable
  • Built-in rechargeable battery, USB charge function
  • Can lighting continuously more than 8 hours
  • Lamp chimney is made of strong acrylic
  • Stylish delicate glass lamp base, decorates your room
  • USB cable length: 100cm 
  • Input: 500 mA / DC 5V 
  • Power rating: 0.3W 
  • Lithium battery inside: 400mAh 
  • Perfect for living room, hall, office, store, hotel, etc.


Technical Details


Can lighting continuously up to 8 hours energy saving

Color: Green, Orange, Purple, Pink

Source of light: LED

Power: 0.3W

Battery: Built-in 400mA battery

Material: Acrylic

Weight: 311g

Luminous Flux: 16-18lm

Input current / voltage: 5V/500-1000mAh 

Size: 83.9*83.9*194.2 mm

Material: ABS+Glass+GP

Lifetime: 50,000 hours

Package Dimension (L x W x H): 215 x 106 x 106mm



Package Include:


1 x RED Blow LED Lamp

1 x Micro USB Charging Cable

1 x User Manual

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