Magic Encyclopedia For Kids Animal Educational Game Early Learning Kit Flash Cards Game Set with Animated Images & Audio FREE 3D CARD BOARD

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Magic Encyclopedia is a technology system that teaches the facts about land and sea animals, birds, insects and dinosaurs; all this by audio visualization.  A Game Designed to Helping Children Learn Through an Innovative and Interactive Method of Teaching! It can be a great skill builder and provides a easy and fun way to learn Chinese. With the camera to capture the animal cognitive pattern on the cards, various animals will appear from the cards. Not only can we interact with the animals, but also we can take pictures with the animal and share the pictures with our friends. PLEASE allow the software to use the camera and photo album. Magic Encyclopedia is an interactive toy. Suggest parents join in playing with your kids. COME TO ENJOY IT.




  • Magic Encyclopedia is one set of preschool educational cards which put 3D virtual objects into a real scene showing a live image via a tablet , mobile phone or ipad, so as to achieve direct interaction between users and the environment.

  • Easy to use: download the free APP, scan the cards, the animals then are able to talk, jump, walk, swim, fly, etc. Taking picture with the favorite animal and share with your friends.

  • 96 cards with vibrant image to stimulate visual learning, 5 main subjects: animals, insect, traffic, nature, landscape etc.

  • The APP is available on APP Store OR you can download it from scanning the QR code on the back of the box. It support 5 devices (cell phone or ipad or tablet etc.) at the same time for interaction. iOS5.0 and Android 4.0 above.

  • The second version(totally English version) is coming soon and AR Game cards will be available soon, so please stay tuned.


How does it work?


- Scan the QR code on the back of the box to download the Magic Encyclopedia App. Or search " Magic Encyclopedia " on Apple Store or Google Play Store.(iOS 5.0 higher or Android 4.0 higher)

- Unlock the App : scanning the QR code located inside the box to activate the app.

- Aim at one of the flashcards, the animal will come to life immediately! (If you scan the surface of the box, you will get surprise.)


 Operating System Required:


- Android 4.0 or higher version

- iOS 5.0 or higher


More Fun Play:


Dragging the animal on the screen using just one finger, the animal can rotate from a horizontal direction to a desired angle.

Dragging the animal on the screen using two fingers, the animal can be moved and placed on any location on the screen.

Moving fingers outward and inward the animal will enlarge or shrink, until the desired position and size are obtained for a good picture!


Sale Package: 1 x Magic 3d cards

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