Tempered Glass for Sony Xperia Z4

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  • Brand: Epresent
  • Product Code: TEMPGLASSONYZ4

One Worlds Thinnest Tempered Glass 0.44 mm with 9H hardness grade which is the toughest grade in tempered glass.

This tempered glass is multi layered to provide you with the best possible protection for your smartphone.
The first layer is a shock absorbent silicon layer to protect your phone against shocks.
The second layer is the polyethylene terephthalate (PET) film.
The third layer is the tempered glass for superior protection
The Final layer is oleophobic coating which helps reduce fingerprints on your screen

It is superior to normal screen protectors as it has better light transmittance which ensures clear visibility of the phones screen
It has also got anti reflecting and anti glare properties to ensure clearer display in sunlight

In an event that you drop your phone, the chances are high that the screen protector will absorb all the damage and will break into pieces and keep your smartphones's screen intact

Please Note: That phones can be dropped in different ways and hence it cannot be guaranteed that it will save youir smartphone's screen but tempered glass is the best available option in the market for protecting your smartphone screen

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