USB Powered Mini Clover Air Humidifier Home Office Air Humidifier

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  • Brand: Epresent

* Product Features 

Soft nightlight feature warm colors fine mist to remove static electricity and reduce the computer screen radiation reduce air micro layer and smog pollution on human eyes and skin care role to play especially for air conditioned room and play room heating effect humidification reconcile

 * Accessories

usb power line                        1

Absorbent cotton swabs        1

Manual                                    1

* Parameters

Operating  voltage                 : DC5V

Operating Current                 : 350mA

Power                                   : 2w

water tank capacity             : 200mm

spray about                        : 40ml/h

* Size                                 : 78mm x155 x 59mm

* Instructions 

Make sure that the operating voltage  DC5V when using the machine after the display nightlight plugged in when the need to add fog press the key to open machines set power protection  when continuous spray 5 hours  humidifier will automatically power -off protection nightlights function unchanged to continue using the plus fog please add water after heavy press switch recommend the use of pure water in case of apray mist becomes hours  replace the cotton swab and alcohol regularly cleaned with a cotton swab dipped and scale atomization chip surface films not too hard Oh the product can not add liquid flavor like 


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